Understanding Data Center Interconnection

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There are many factors that businesses must consider when choosing a data center. And of course some should be given a greater priority than others. While the specific needs of different businesses vary quite significantly, there’s one thing that all companies are looking for: reliability. 

If you’re looking to maximize the potential of your company by reducing the risk of downtime and prioritizing stability and reliability, we’d recommend focusing on interconnection as one of the key requirements in your search for a data center. 

In this article, we’ll explain more about data center interconnection and what it means, so you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge you need to find the best data center for your company. 

The Benefits of Data Center Interconnection 

Data center interconnection provides a wealth of benefits to businesses. 

The amount of data companies require to fulfill processes and impress their customers continues to rise, and businesses are having to think ahead to ensure they can continue to provide the great service their customers expect. As such, IT infrastructure has never been more important. 

Interconnection dramatically improves the potential of a data center, enhancing its stability and reliability while simultaneously allowing the data center to tailor its approach to suit the various requirements of different companies. 

Here are just a few key benefits of data center interconnection to consider. 

Better Access to Global Markets 

Data center interconnection enables companies to access a number of different service providers. Access to numerous ISPs gives companies a number of opportunities that they wouldn’t have enjoyed without interconnection. 

For example, companies selling globally can ensure their presence is just as strong overseas as it is where they are based. This allows companies to easily explore new markets and attract the attention of customer groups in other countries. 

Efficiency and Convenience 

Flexibility is always a great quality to have in a data center, and data center interconnection enables facilities to provide this. 

With interconnection, there is a physical point of contact between providers and servers, and in turn the customers that use them. This is vital in ensuring that the processes businesses undertake every single day are done so with maximum speed and efficiency. 

Interconnection allows companies to remove the risk of bottlenecks disrupting the transfer of data, which can result in frustrating delays for customers. The infrastructure that supports data center interconnection is amongst the most efficient and flexible that companies can access, and it’s infinitely scalable so it’s ready to grow as a business does. 

Choice in carrier options 

An interconnected data center allows customers to choose between a number of different carrier options. And this is crucial, because as we know the needs of different businesses vary quite dramatically. 

Interconnection means choice, first and foremost, as customers can take their pick between providers to make the best decision for their particular business requirements. Data centers can offer options for companies to choose from multiple providers, giving total flexibility to businesses. 

Cost effectiveness 

You might be inclined to think that the improvements in choice and flexibility that interconnection provides would automatically equate to a higher price tag. But that’s not necessarily true. 

In fact, the fixed structures of traditional environments result in a lack of competition and that tends to mean rising prices. Data center interconnection, on the other hand, usually results in more affordable options because businesses have far greater choice. 

Carriers must compete for business via this option, which means that they are more likely to provide top quality bandwidth at lower price points to attract more customers. 

Strategic locations 

Data center interconnection allows businesses access to strategic locations. And that can make a real difference when it comes to achieving the objectives they have in mind. 

Location definitely matters when choosing a data center. While the right location can enhance stability, reliability and efficiency, the wrong one can mean compromises in all three of these vital factors. 

When companies choose data center interconnection, they tend to benefit from a range of opportunities linking back to the location of the facility. These include everything from network choice to diversity and flexibility. 

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