Job satisfaction

The reliability of any data center depends not just on the capabilities of its staff, but how well those staff are looked after.

In an industry where alarm fatigue can be a real issue and 70% of outages are caused by human error, it’s hugely important that data centers strive to protect their employees, training and retaining skilled personnel by ensuring great job satisfaction.

And that’s exactly what we do.

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A calm, effective working environment

We’ve introduced options like our free remote hands-on, and eliminated the “interruption emergency culture” that has become so problematic in network operations centers like ours. Doing so has allowed us to put the emphasis on filtering qualifying emergencies and applying pressure proportionality.

It’s just one example of how we’ve been able to reduce the volume of emergency tickets and build a truly fault-tolerant infrastructure.

Current Openings

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Whether we have a job opening posted at the moment or not, we always love meeting industry professionals or those interested in getting into the industry. Due to many factors, often times our job opening are filled before we post them. Therefore, if you feel a strong connection to what we do, we encourage you to email with your resume and how you connected with our story.