The Difference

We Understand High Density Colocation

Leverage the skills and experience of our unparalleled AI colocation & GPU colocation specialists. With the help of our team, you’ll be able to deploy reliable, high-density racks quickly. A multitude of cooling and power options supports the ever-growing demand for high density colocation and will pave the way for your company’s success both now and in the future.

We’re redefining what’s possible, with power, cooling, security, compliance requirements and interconnectivity all supported in one place. Safe, stable and perfect for the most demanding environments, our data centers have been built to provide robust infrastructure that’s as reliable as it is scalable.

Aaron Gipson @ PiKNiK

"The Colo+ service that they offer gave us an amazing way to leverage having a full data center, a team to support it, without having the people here... really PiKNiK is looking to be a leader.. and TRG is enabling us to get there"

High Density Power Requirements


  • Available immediately
  • < 1 week turnaround to deploy from signing
  • 3 Feed Options for 6 PSU Units
  • 2 Feed Options for 4 PSU Units

200kW to 1MW

  • Existing lit capacity to GPU hosting providers and enterprise tenants available immediately
  • Taking reservations on >40MW of proprietary infrastructure pipeline for 2025 with anchor tenant pricing structures across the Southeast


  • We can offer 2025 reservations for hosting providers and high credit enterprise tenants on existing owned infrastructure pipeline

5MW +

  • We are selectively partnering with FAANG / Mini-FAANG and credit grade hosting providers for reserving unannounced future capacity, which can be spec built to suit
  • Built to suit, earliest reservation 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unfortunately due to supply chain constraints national vacancy rates for datacenters >1MW are hovering around 1-2%. If you are interested in 5+ MW Requirements please check our power requirements section, and if you meet the requirements for this range please enquire.

We offer an all in rate for all clients below 100 kW of capacity so that you don’t need to worry about these things. For clients interest in blocks of capacity with metered power (100kW and above), the rates range by site, but our Texas 3 year average has been in the .06c/kWh range.

No need to worry about PUE surcharge for all clients below 100 kW of capacity as we offer all in rates. If you are on metered, the actual PUE varies by location, usually in the 1.4-1.6 PUE range. For build to suit or custom applications, we can provide sub 1.2 PUE cooling methodologies with liquid cooling.

We have a broad range of liquid cooling options, that include chassis immersion, direct to chip, in-chassis, rear door heat exchange, among others. Depending on the use case and size of requirement, we can build to suit or customize to your requirements.

For small-medium sized requirements (0-500kW) we can get capacity lit in days to weeks as long as capacity is available.

For >1 MW capacity requests, we are taking reservations for 2025.

A proven track record

We’ve been in the hosting and data center industry since the 90’s. This boom reminds us much like hosting during that time. What we found was a great decentralization of infrastructure providers and a period of great opportunity for many of those with entrepreneurial initiative.

This is our second cycle building a highly successful data center business. We expect to deploy 5-8x 20-40MW campuses over the next three to five years, in major markets with a primary focus on enterprise/retail colocation.

We make you the priority

Historically, data centers have abandoned service-oriented, multi-tenant retail models and are now focused on 3-5 tenant Hyperscale deployments. This can leave customers looking for capacity in organizations that they won’t be the priority at.

With more than 120 clients added to our Texas facility since 2019, we feel that we are well positioned both as an infrastructure provider and a service organization, to serve the needs of scaling hosted infrastructure partners and enterprise businesses.

Built from the ground up

Our data centers have been built to serve customers just like you. We service everything from fortune 500’s, healthcare organizations, AI startups, hosting infrastructure partners, to local midmarket businesses.

We are extremely excited to share this opportunity and are glad to have the infrastructure, capital and knowledge to be able to serve an important segment of the market.

Flexibility and reliability

If you’re looking for flexibility, ease of use, and ultra reliable infrastructure, and a category defining service experience – look no further.

We have clients from all over the world that deploy their capacity in a multi-site model. Ship us your gear and we’ll get it online. We promise that you will never need to make a nuisance trip to the datacenter.

High density colocation is a form of colocation specifically designed to accommodate the ever-growing power requirements of the latest IT equipment.

As technology advances, so too do the demands placed on data centers to support business processes. Fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) have incredible power requirements, and therefore need high density colocation.

The extra power that high density environments require make them different to traditional environments in almost every way.

The computing components needed aren’t the same, and the ways in which those components are managed are markedly different too. The control of such environments is also worth noting – cooling is a real priority in high density environments, for example.

High density colocation prioritizes power. As such it tends to focus on maximizing the number of devices in a certain space. Traditional collocation doesn’t have the same power requirements, so here the focus is more on convenience when planning how space can be used.

Why choose us

Deploy Remotely

Choose us and you’ll benefit from free remote hands-on. And with Colo+, our fully managed colocation offering, you’ll be able to deploy your servers without having to go to a data center.

With Colo+ you can simply send us your gear, or we can arrange to come and collect it at a time that suits you. We’ll manage the whole process on your behalf, setting up racks and future adds, moves or changes – so you’ll never have to set foot in the data center if you don’t want to.

Every one of our customers can choose to use free remote hands-on to make life simpler. Find out more about what it is, and why we offer it here.

Our Houston Data Center

Strategically located close to the energy corridor, yet outside the 500-year floor plain & mitigating for hurricane wind speeds. Less can be said for facilities downtown. Our top-notch facilities, rigorous organizational practices, and exceptional customer service delivers hassle-free operations that are backed by our management team’s 20-year 100% uptime track record. Enjoy our commitment to excellence.


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Expansion, pre-leasing 2025


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