How We Can Reduce Your IT Costs

And improve reliability at the same time

Here are five ways colocation with us can reduce your costs, all while joining a facility managed by a team with a 20-year 100% uptime record. 

  1. Often companies are oversold on space, our consultative approach has reduced costs here by up to 50% before.
  2. Companies are often oversold on price too, we can offer a reduced price per rack on top of an incentive to move from another data center, saving up to 30%.
  3. Our fully managed options can save you significant time, completely removing any inconvenient trips to the data center. 
  4. Free cross connects, which are often the primary revenue driver for other data centers.
  5. Free remote hands on save both time and money, and increases reliability. Read more here.

Use our calculator here to estimate how much you could save.