• We Buy EverythingWe provide everything it takes to build your cabinet from cables to rack nuts, you only buy the hardware.

  • Infinite Remote Hands-on24/7/365 assistance from our certified team.

  • Full-Service Migration OvernightMail us your gear and we will get it online, or we will come pick it up.

  • Cabling and LabelingOur innovative cable technology allows for clean and organized cabling from day 1 to 1,000.

  • Rack and StackOur qualified technicians assemble your cabinets.

  • DCIM / PDUSLocked and secured plugs eliminate unnecessary errors.

Full-Service Migration Process

Colocation for Atlanta

The TRG offering goes well beyond traditional data center packages. Our Colo+ service offers a fully managed data center experience to the entire Atlanta availability zone. The Colo+ package means your IT infrastructure will have all physical aspects completely covered. Within Colo+ we take all the difficulties out of managing a datacenter footprint and offer this all-inclusive service, meaning not just day 1 set up but also day 700 maintenance.

Our unique approach means that organisations no longer have to concentrate time, effort, and resources on the data center. Instead they can focus on their business, safe in the knowledge that our experts are protecting their servers and optimizing them fully.

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Colo+ is our fully managed colocation offering. An evolution in the data center experience. No more checklists. No more nickel-and-diming. No more shopping lists. No more trips to the data center. No more migration headaches. Send us your hardware and you rest easy.

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Why Do Companies Choose TRG?

  1. Build The Best Data Center
  2. Hire The Best People
  3. Invest Heavily In Fault Tolerance

Colo+ vs. Traditional Colocation

No more shopping lists.

Included ServiceColo+Traditional Colocation
ContractsColo+ ContractNetwork Contract and Data Center Contract
HardwareBring your ownBring your own
Infinite Free Remote Hand On
Adds, Moves and ChangesNew Purchasing Workflow
Label Maker
Tool Box
Network Cables
Power Cables
Zip ties
Rack Shelves
Blanking Panels
Cable Management
Cage Nuts and Screws
Truck Rental
Packing Supplies

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