Step 1

12 Hour Migrations

We’ll pick up and carefully pack your gear whenever suits you, even on a Friday night, or you can ship it straight to us. We’ve done 100’s of migrations and had 0 issues transporting hardware.

Step 2

Rack Management

Our unique rack setup & cabling management system ensures your rack is as reliable as possible, significantly reducing human risk from day 1, and can be done overnight so you’re back online in the morning.

Step 3

Unrivaled Service

From ticket response times, to not requiring any additional purchase workflows with all adds, moves and changes included. Experience data center service like none before

Aaron Gipson @ PiKNiK

"The Colo+ service that they offer gave us an amazing way to leverage having a full data center, a team to support it, without having the people here... really PiKNiK is looking to be a leader.. and TRG is enabling us to get there"

Colo+ vs. Traditional Colocation

What's included?

Included Service


Traditional colocation

One Colo+ contract for everything
Network and Data Center Contract
Bring your own
Bring your own
Adds, moves and changes
New purchasing workflow
Cooling & blanking panels
AC power & PDUs
Racks, shelves, rails
Cables & cable management
Tool box, label maker & zip ties
Cage nuts and screws
Truck rental & packing supplies

Common Questions

All you have to do is put your name on the package when it’s sent to us. We have an automated system that will notify you it has been received and we’ll keep it in a secured storage area. If you’re a Colo+ customer we’ll even unpack your gear and set it up for you.

Yes we have all the tools and spare parts you’ll need. What’s more, they’re all included in Colo+ and you’ll never need to handle them yourself. We’ll take care of it all

Everything you’ll need for colocation, except the servers and hardware itself. See the comparison table for more info. You can order this directly to our data center or we’ll collect your existing gear. Whatever is easiest for you

Not with Colo+, we’ll provide those for you.

We travel to your current data center or on-prem location and safely pack up your hardware for transportation.

  • Two-hands on every piece of equipment as a rule
  • 3-inch-thick anti-static vibration isolating pick & pack foam
  • Double-wall thick cardboard boxes
  • Hardware is individually packed & isolated for secure travel

For the transportation, we use a fully insured air ride truck for a smooth trip with professional licensed drivers and a two-vehicle escort.
Once at TRG we carefully unload, unpack and rack your cabinet.

  • Pre-constructed and pre-tested cabinets
  • Universal rail systems within cabinets
  • Custom sized power cables and sleeve inserts that require 30 pounds of force to remove
  • Setup performed by large team with a rotating shift to prevent fatigue

We also have a blog here, with more info on how to prepare for a migration

Hardware is all individually packed and isolated for secure travel. We use double-wall think carboard boxes, 3-inch-thick anti-static vibration isolating pick & pack foam, in addition to our rule of two hands on every piece of equipment for added security

We also have a blog here, with more info on how to prepare for a migration

That’s not a problem at all. We have several clients abroad, using our data center to have servers in the US without having to be here themselves. You can order your hardware directly to us, then we’ll get it all online and maintain it.