Our customers love us.

In fact, we’re the highest and most rated Houston Data Center


Our Houston Data Center’s Specs

Designed for reliability, and operated, by an Accredited Tier Designer from the Uptime Institute, making us the only one in Houston.
Our team boasts 100% uptime in over 20 years, and our customers love us.

Fully Fault Tolerant Power & UPS
  • Multiple redundant and fault tolerant compartmentalized units
  • We use Toshiba G9000s for category defining efficiency and achieving fault tolerance
  • Pure lead batteries deployed in 2(N+1) reliability configuration, achieving published performance for ultra-fast discharge.
  • The simple design minimizes chances of error, and we have on-site replacement parts for entire system in case it happens
Indoor Generators and Infinite Fuel
  • Outdoor generators can be less reliable and are susceptible to domino-like failures.
  • That’s why we have 1.5 MVA Rolls Royce MTU V18 Twin Turbo Systems located indoors with hurricane resistant louver systems
  • We also have independent and isolated fuel reserves lasting 4+ days, and the option for natural gas bi-fuel extending runtime to 12+ days without re-fueling
  • Alongside emergency backup contracts for infinite fuel resupply
High-Performance Waterless Cooling
  • Water and data centers don’t mix well, one mistake could be catastrophic
  • We have a 100% waterless facility, so no risk of water distribution inside facility and are more environmentally friendly.
  • Fully modular, compartmentalized cooling allows us to perfectly support your needs including High Performance Computing such as 50kW cabinets and blade server environments or more
Easy Networking & Connectivity
  • Dual entries into dual meet me rooms
  • Milspec armored core fiber cabling with corning high bend radius glass for ultra reliability
  • 13 carriers on site already, plus free entry for any carrier you want to bring
  • On top of that, cross connects are free, always
Fully Customizable Security
  • With our team’s history working with the Department of Defense, MIT Lincoln Lab, and the CIA we’re more than confident in our security arrangements
  • Onsite personnel 24/7/365, night vision cameras, finger-print entry, five layers of security
  • What’s more, if you need anything specific, we can cater to your security needs with fully customizable cabinet and suite security for example; motion sensors, man traps and armed security guards.
Rigid Structure & Strategic Location
  • The entire local area is outside of the 500-year floodplain, and we then still built 3 feet above ground level.
  • We have a single sloped roof, with 2 layers of leak protection including a concrete deck. It’s rated for 185+ MPH, and we’ve been told it could do 210.
  • Even with that, our location means with a category 5 Hurricane wind speeds are unlikely to exceed 110 to 127 MPH, making it much safer than downtown
  • Near both the I-45 and I-99 making it highly accessible by any part of Houston, but with our Colo+ service you never have to visit anyway.
  • Up to 150,000 Sq Ft

All of this has contributed to being designated life critical by the state of Texas

Services & Facilities

Beyond our fully redundant physical infrastructure, we offer innovative services loved by our customers, which include;


Our fully managed colocation is an evolution in the data center experience. No more shopping lists, trips to the data center, or migration headaches. We’ll even pick up your gear, or you can send it to us and we’ll handle the rest.

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Located for reliability

  • Outside of the 500-year floodplain

  • Significantly safer from hurricane winds than downtown

And with our services you’ll rarely, if not never, actually need to come here

Designed to meet the unique needs of Houston’s weather and climate. Learn More in our Texas Weather Evaluation.

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