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We deliver data center experiences that are fast, reliable and enjoyable. We charge a fair price for a high-quality experience, that’s why we carry the best overall value against on-prem, cloud, and any of our competitors.

We are hands-on and never shy away from the difficult stuff – it’s what sets us apart from the rest. Through our unique Colo+ feature, we offer the best fully managed datacenter colocation experience around. Just send us your hardware and we’ll take care of everything else.

Our management team has a record of 100% uptime in over 15 years of service.

We have a passion and we want to share it with you.

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Our Solutions:

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Fully managed colocation, an evolution in the data center experience. No more shopping lists, trips to the data center, or migration headaches. Send us your hardware and we handle the rest.

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Hybrid Cloud/DraaS

Best overall value for hybrid cloud. Access to hybrid cloud, S3 storage, always free cross connects, and cheapest connectivity options through on-site MSPs. Free remote hands-on included with every colocation contract

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Turn Key Data Center Management

We will complete a full audit of your data center and advise on any needed remediations to your infrastructure to get you fully fault tolerant. Full service data center management.

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With industry leading service and experience, we create solutions that solve your needs in an easy, fast and reliable way. Because colocation shouldn’t be a headache.

Our Expert Leadership Team includes an Accredited Tier Designer from the Uptime Institute, making us the only data center in Houston associated with one.


Accredited Tier Designer

Our Data Center Features:

Our brutally effective approach to fully quantifying every potential risk and then solving for it leaves nothing to chance. Our purpose built data center has features made to specifically meet the needs of Houston.

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Hurricane Force Winds

According to the NOAA Inland Wind Model, in the worst-case scenario category 5 hurricane our datacenter would receive wind speeds of 110-127mph. TRG is built to withstand a wind load ratio of 185mph, far meeting and exceeding our theoretical maximum.

70% of roof damage following a hurricane is due to loose HVAC equipment rolling across the membrane that can cause many small holes. TRG has zero rooftop equipment, meaning no possibility of rooftop damage. This is complemented by our state-of-the-art 4-inch thick sloping roof with fully redundant leak protection.

Infinifuel program logo for generators– TRG has our Infinifuel program to continue the supply of our generators for an unlimited number of hours for the duration of any outage.

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houston texas wind speed model

This is the wind speed model for the worst case scenario; a category 5 hurricane at a forward motion of 24 knots otherwise known as “The Big One,” which has yet to happen.

Other Disasters Quantified & Conclusively Mitigated

Torrential Rain / Flooding

TRG is 65 miles inland from the coast, lies outside of the 500 year floodplain and is 4 ft above grade. We also pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art 4-inch thick sloping roof with fully redundant leak protection.

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Construction (Cable Cuts)

Multiple isolated entries for fiber and power.

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Extreme Wet-bulb/Dry-bulb

We design to run for an unlimited number of hours for the duration of any outage on the hottest and coldest day of the year even under a fault condition while fully loaded.

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Our Spring, TX location is not near any pipelines or hazardous material storage, 1+ mile from highways, and 1.5+ miles away from railway lines.

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Subsurface Faults

Our Spring, TX location is outside of any subsurface fault areas.

TRG Datacenters was built and is operated by an accredited tier designer certified by the Uptime Institute. Our facility was drawn up specifically to meet the needs of Houston. Since we are a purpose-built data center and not a retrofit, we were able to customize our infrastructure. Our facility is actually fault tolerant. With multiple equal power and cooling systems TRG is designed with no single point of failure.

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cross connect carriers

Always free cross connects.

Interconnect anywhere in the world with our world class providers for cheaper than any other carriers. Our experienced network concierges will recommend the best provider based on your needs from our multiple carriers.

TRG has achieved true fault tolerance by having fully physically isolated Meet Me Rooms with no common entry point.

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