Why choose us

13+ Carriers Onsite

With 13 carriers already onsite, and free entry for any you want to bring, you’ll be able to connect to whatever provider you want to. Our rich, carrier neutral approach enables efficiency and reliability with your interconnection.

Why choose us

Free Cross Connects

Ordering a cross connect at TRG is free, forever for all our customers. All you have to do is put a ticket in, no contracts required.

This encourages a carrier & fiber rich environment so you can quickly connect to multiple carriers, making your interconnection experience seamless.

Why choose us

Deploy Remotely

With free remote hands-on to all our customers and Colo+, a fully managed colocation offering, you can deploy your interconnection without having to go to a data center.

With Colo+, simply send us your gear or we’ll come and pick it up. We’ll manage all rack setup, and any future adds, moves or changes, so you’ll never have to go to the data center.

Our free remote hands-on is available to all our customers, find our more about why here.

Johnny Greene @ Millennium Physicians

"When they give you their word they back it up. Everything you need... is here. They do things completely different than other data centers"

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Interconnection is the deployment of IT exchange points that enable direct, private connections within or between businesses. Colocation, data centers, provide the physical location where this can happen reliably and at scale, and so can provide services to enable interconnection. This means interconnection services are ultimately only as good as the data center they’re in, and a reliable data center with a neutral, carrier rich approach will provide better interconnection services.