Human Error & Alarm Fatigue

Houston Data Center
Houston Data Center

The Uptime Institute states that ”More than 70% of all data center outages are caused by human error.”

Alarm Fatigue is a significant issue in our industry, and when everything is an emergency, people become numb and calloused to those emergencies.

This lack of empathy on one side can cause MAJOR customer service interaction issues, but it can also cause unnecessary stress and turn-over within an organization.

Reducing Alarm Fatigue & Protecting Our Employees

Staff turn-over and training is one of the largest and riskiest issues in a mission critical organization. Having a deep understanding and filter of qualifying emergencies and properly applying pressure to your team members is incredibly important.

By reducing our emergency ticket volume and by building a truly fault-tolerant infrastructure (read more about that here for understanding the cornerstone of digital transformation and any transformation efforts), we have almost eliminated the “interruption emergency culture” that is pervasive and problematic in NOC’s today.

Our job satisfaction and hybrid NOC member models create higher-paying NOC Jobs (our average is currently 25% above the industry average for our city). Building long term members, at the most basic level of the organization, is a crucial building block for educating and creating a successful organization.

These NOC members are often non traditional hybrid candidates instead of the old “Help Desk Guy” model, contributing to the TRG Difference in a large plurality of very diverse ways. Our NOC team has become a defining feature of our organization in many ways, where the rubber hits the road for TRG.

Key Attribute: Free Support

We offer a non-emergency, non-SLA’d “Best Effort” free remote hands-on tier that is entirely free. We additionally provide a paged SLA’d emergency ticket queue that is billed in 15-minute increments. Over the last year, we have recorded ZERO emergency tickets, and we have recorded three paged tickets since the inception of the facility.

Getting away from the mental static and alarm fatigue allows us to look beyond the NOCroom desk and continue to think about improving the customer experience. Making remote hands-on free has empowered us to think about what else we can do to help our customers, since its free anyways!