Data Center Monitoring and Its Importance for Remote Workers

Data center monitoring
Data center monitoring

Good data center monitoring is crucial in the efficient running of any business. When data centers are monitored effectively, companies stand to benefit in a number of different ways. However, far too many organizations remain unaware of the importance of data center monitoring, particularly when it comes to managing their remote workers. 

Companies that are in the dark about their IT run the risk of all kinds of problems. Remote workers are highly reliant on IT to stay connected and fulfill their responsibilities. So when IT issues crop up, these workers can quickly be left unable to complete the tasks they’re paid to do. This is just one reason why data center monitoring is imperative in today’s world, where the vast majority of companies rely on IT to complete any number of different processes. 

Data center monitoring helps companies steer clear of catastrophic network problems, by ensuring that team members are always in the know about their key performance metrics. Read on and we’ll reveal more about how data center monitoring can be used to empower your remote workforce. 

What is Data Center Monitoring?

Data center monitoring refers to the continuous monitoring of the IT metrics that matter most to your business. The term is used to talk about a number of different management tasks, as well as monitoring and operational processes. 

Through data center monitoring, companies can ensure that their data center is always compliant with ongoing operational needs, and that it’s able to provide the required flexibility to support any changes in these requirements. 

Monitoring covers everything from power requirements and bandwidth use to peak loads and data packets. Understanding such information enables teams to continuously optimise their data center usage, in order to provide a better service to both in-house teams and customers. 

Various different tools are used in data center monitoring. These include automated tools, such as specially designed software, alongside a number of reliable manual techniques. The combination of manual and automated options tends to provide the best visibility on how a data center is working, and what changes (if any) might need to be made in the future. 

Why is Data Center Monitoring So Vital for Remote Workers? 

Remote work was on the rise well before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, but over the past two years we’ve seen a huge upsurge in the numbers of businesses being run primarily by workers based outside of the office. So, it’s vital that companies understand both what this means for their data centers, and what they need to do to equip their remote workers with all the tools they need to keep working effectively. That’s where data center monitoring comes in. 

If a company has a remote workforce, then its immediate focus should be on network bandwidth requirements. Upload speeds will also be a priority, as remote workers will likely be uploading data at the same time, so the network will need to be able to support that.

Security will of course be another key concern for companies with remote workers. Security protocol should be followed closely whether teams are based in the office or not, but the use of remote workers does mean that security is of heightened importance. Uploads made by remote workers can therefore cause delays across the network as they will need to be filtered and inspected even more carefully. 

Data center monitoring is enormously important for remote workers. Through monitoring, data center performance can be continuously managed and improved, opening up a number of new opportunities for optimization – no matter where workers are based. If data center monitoring is managed well, IT teams will always be kept informed on the level of demand on different applications, and will be able to respond quickly to any issues, keeping all remote staff online and working efficiently.  

Essential Data Center Monitoring Tools

There are a number of different data center monitoring tools that you might be able to make use of. Here are just a few of the most important data center monitoring tools for companies with remote workers. 

Colocation Inventory Tracking: This method of monitoring inventory allows teams to see which resources the company is using. Whether you need to keep an eye on the use of cabinets, power circuits, cross-connects or any other resources, you’ll be able to do so via colocation inventory tracking tools. 

Compliance and Security: It’s never a good idea to overlook security – particularly if you’re working with remote team members. Make compliance and security a key part of your data center monitoring, and you’ll stand the best chance of keeping your business safe. Tracking compliance and security will allow you to check how remote workers are following cybersecurity protocol. It’ll also enable your team to make sure the business is meeting its own compliance requirements. Tools designed to monitor compliance and security are hugely informative on issues like these, and can be used to help identify potential problems before they cause serious trouble for your company. 

Data Center Activity Reporting: Track all activity relating to your company’s use of its data center to keep IT professionals in the know about how staff are accessing information. Use data center activity reporting to restrict access to certain files and applications, so that only those who need them can use them. This will help to avoid security breaches and intrusion attempts. 

Bandwidth Usage: Checking your bandwidth usage should be a key part of your data center monitoring. Make sure your team understands bandwidth and power requirements, and check that key personnel are aware of how to scale data center resources if needed. Monitor usage reports to check that you’re not under or over utilizing power or bandwidth, and make adjustments as needed. Real-time alerts can also be set up if you start coming close to any bandwidth or power limits. 

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