What Is Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)?


It’s no secret that maintaining your own private IT infrastructure can be a costly and time-consuming task. And with the latest digital innovations dramatically changing the way that many companies operate, demands on IT infrastructure are increasing by the day. 

Growing companies with ambitious plans for the future are now beginning to make the switch to a different way of meeting these demands, turning to specialist providers to facilitate a new way of working. 

Known as Data Center as a Service, or DCaaS, this hosting service enables companies of all sizes to take full advantage of the highest quality IT infrastructure, complete with all the security and support teams need. Read on to learn more about what Data Center as a Service is and you’ll soon see why so many companies are making the switch to DCaaS. 

What’s the difference between DCaaS and other services? 

Data Center as a Service works differently to other popular data center services. This option enables companies to access the full capabilities of their chosen data center, without having to physically visit the center. 

Choosing DCaaS is a great way of future proofing, as the services that the chosen data center provides can expand in line with a company’s growth. DCaaS enables companies to avoid both the physical and budgetary limitations of expanding private infrastructure, meaning they can grow quickly as and when they need to.  

For companies looking to outsource their IT requirements, DCaaS is a great option. Packages include everything that a company might need, and can be quite flexible depending on the size and budget of the organisation in question. DCaaS solutions will usually include a wide range of resources, from data storage and servers to networking. 

When a company chooses DCaaS, it benefits from a fast and easy setup process, which is ordinarily handled by the provider in question. There’s therefore very little work involved for the company’s own time-pressed teams, so it’s a good option for companies that are having to expand quickly to meet customers’ demands. 

Key benefits of DCaaS

There are many benefits to consider when you weigh up the pros and cons of switching to DCaaS. As we’ve mentioned, choosing DCaaS eliminates many of the restrictions that companies relying on private infrastructure have traditionally faced. 

Whether a company is facing physical limitations, such as space in a server room, or limitations relating to the time and costs involved in infrastructure upgrades, DCaaS solves the problem. For this reason, many organisations are choosing DCaaS to prepare for the future, particularly if they’ve got big plans to expand into new markets, or they’re starting to introduce more interconnected digital services for their customers. 

Efficiency is key for any company looking to compete. As the capabilities of competitors grow, it’s becoming ever more important that brands are able to go one step further, continuously improving their own offering. Opting for DCaaS is a good way of doing this, as it rapidly boosts efficiency in ways that customers will definitely notice. 

Cost is another key consideration for the vast majority of companies, and DCaaS offers benefits here too. Compared to the costs involved in setting up and maintaining private IT infrastructure, DCaaS is far more affordable. And with DCaaS, this affordability doesn’t mean compromises in terms of the quality of the services companies have access to. 

Unexpected downtime can be a major source of disappointment for both brand owners and their customers. When brands rely on cloud-based services, these periods of downtime can quickly become a problem. But DCaaS services seek to eliminate frustrations like these, by offering continuous uptime that companies can always rely on. The flexibility of these services mean that providers are able to get companies back up and running at a moment’s notice, so customers are never left in the lurch. 

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