Managed Colocation Services

Traditional colocation means months of planning, endless checklists, and migration headaches but with our managed colocation services we take care of everything, so you’ll never have to handle your gear again.

We take care of your migration, set up and lifetime maintenance on your equipment. Never take a trip to the data center again.

Our managed colocation services offer more with system administration,  hands-on hardware management, proactive response monitoring, server backups and network equipment management.

Benefits of Managed Colocation

  • Security
  • Backup and redundancy
  • Environmental impact
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Cost-effective
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Certified support
  • Quality and performance

Colo+ is our fully managed colocation offering

Data Center done differently. Colo+ offers all the benefits of traditional colocation with no assembly required. As well as offering disaster recovery and business continuity services, we include free remote hands-on in every colocation plan which means 24/7 support at no extra charge.

We carry the best overall value against on-prem, cloud, and any of our competitors. Our management team has a record of 100% uptime in over 15 years of service. 

No more checklists. No more shopping lists. No more 3AM trips to the data center. No more migration headaches. Send us your hardware and rest easy.

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Colocation without the data center

No assembly required

Perfect for building your own private cloud

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We build the best data center experiences and we’re never going to stop.

We include free remote hands-on in every managed colocation plan at no extra charge. With our Colo+ plan, we handle your migration and equipment, so you’ll never have to manage your gear again.


  • We Buy Everything

    We provide everything it takes to build your cabinet from cables to rack nuts, you only buy the hardware.

  • Infinite Remote Hands-on

    24/7/365 assistance from our certified team.

  • Full-Service Migration

    Mail us your gear and we will get it online, or we will come pick it up.

  • Cabling and Labeling

    Our innovative cable technology allows for clean and organized cabling from day 1 to 1,000.

  • Rack and Stack

    Our qualified technicians assemble your cabinets.


    Locked and secured plugs eliminate unnecessary errors.

Why Choose Managed Colocation?

  • Neat, precise and consistent cabling and labeling
  • Eliminates the distraction of rack and stack and random trips to the data center for your IT team
  • Easy to justify (only 2.5% cost increase of your IT budget, along with a 50% cost savings vs the cloud)
  • Fast quote, contract and set up
  • Scalable, adjust up or down with ease and no added fees

Cabling, rack and remote activities are a big problem for administrators. With Colo+ we save money and time.

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Sign up for Colo+ now and never lift a finger again.

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