100% Uptime During Hurricane Nicholas

Uptime Hurricane Nicholas
Uptime Hurricane Nicholas

Identifying The Risk

As the Gulf of Mexico stirred in early September 2021, we at TRG Datacenters were alerted to a brewing hurricane. With forecasts pointing to a Category 1 hurricane at landfall, our position, 65 miles inland, indicated we’d primarily confront tropical storm force winds and potential rainfall.

The National Hurricane Center’s keen observations since September 9th traced the evolution of this system. By September 12th, it was dubbed Tropical Storm Nicholas. 

Despite its struggle against persistent wind shear, by the evening of September 13th, a significant burst of convection intensified Nicholas, leading to its upgrade as a hurricane by 10 P.M. CDT. Aware of the looming threat, we braced ourselves to tackle the impending challenges.

Enacting The Plan

In response to the threat of Hurricane Nicholas we developed and enacted a robust response mechanism.

  • On-site team deployment: We promptly activated our ride-through team to ensure consistent monitoring and management.
  • Facility cross-checks: Our team thoroughly checked the entire facility, ensuring everything was in optimal condition.
  • Fuel supply chain activation: Understanding the importance of continuous power, we ensured our fuel supply chain was fully operational.
  • Top-off plan implementation: With the storm’s unpredictability, we preemptively topped off our fuel reserves, eliminating any need for ride-through fueling during the event.
  • Generators in storm avoidance mode: Anticipating power fluctuations, we proactively transferred power to our generators and ensured uninterrupted service.

The Results & Lessons Learned

In the face of Hurricane Nicholas, the foresight and preparations of TRG Datacenters ensured the continued delivery of high-quality services.

Uninterrupted Operations & Client Support

Amidst the storm’s unpredictability, our proactive measures and dedication to service excellence proved invaluable. We proudly maintained a 100% uptime, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to clients even during adverse conditions. Our help desk, a crucial touchpoint for clients, remained fully operational. 

Our teams worked around the clock, addressing all service tickets with efficiency and diligence. This ensured that our clients had continuous access to their data and received the support they needed, providing them with a seamless experience amidst the chaos.

Grid Stability & Minimal Local Impact

The strategic positioning of TRG Datacenters, away from the immediate coastline, proved its merit once more. While other regions grappled with power disruptions and infrastructure damages, our inland location safeguarded us, ensuring uninterrupted grid power. 

This choice of location doesn’t only represent a logistical advantage but is a testament to our forward-thinking approach to risk management. North Houston, where we are situated, emerged relatively unscathed from the hurricane. 

The minimal impact underlines our facility’s resilience and underscores the benefits of meticulous planning and strategic location decisions.