Enstor Makes the Move to TRG

Enstor, one of America’s largest natural gas storage operators, faced recurring power outages that were leaving its team frustrated. The company came to us looking for a solution to its power problems, which would occur frequently and strike without warning.

The problem: Unpredictable power outages

Engineers from Enstor were unable to predict when their power might go out, and how long the power would take to come back on when they did face an outage. This left them unable to plan accordingly, and led to severe disruption for the business. 

Disorganisation compounded the company’s ongoing problems. Cables were not easily traceable, and power limitations within their office building meant that the team could not add more equipment when needed. Enstor’s level of risk was high. A lack of disaster proofing meant that there were no generators. There was no back up plan in place should the surrounding area be affected by severe weather or natural disasters. The company’s power supply was vulnerable.

TRG’s solution: Colo+ vs standard colo

Enstor chose to move its network equipment to our data center. Not only would the move provide peace of mind for the team, it would also prove to be more cost-effective than their previous setup. 

TRG’s three (soon to be four) diesel-powered backup generators would soon allow the Enstor team to relax, safe in the knowledge that their power supply would continue uninterrupted, even in cases of severe weather or circumstances out of their control.

Making the move: A race against time

The move was planned to begin at the end of the business day, minimizing any potential disruption for Enstor employees and their customers. 

The TRG team arrived in good time to unrack and pack all required equipment by 7pm that evening. By 8:30pm, all of Enstor’s equipment was safely packed in boxes and loaded onto a secure truck. 

Once the equipment arrived at TRG, our team quickly got to work racking the equipment into the TRG provided rack. The process was complete by 11pm. 

Equipment racked, the TRG team could get to work on cabling and powering. This complex task became the key focus of our engineers. The team were hard at work all night, to ensure it was complete by 5am the following morning. 

At 9am, the Enstor team arrived to finish configuring their devices. At this point, an inevitable hiccough occurred when the Enstor team realized they didn’t have the SFPs needed to configure their firewalls to their new cross connects. But the issue was soon resolved by our team, thanks to the huge number of spare parts we have readily available for situations exactly like this. 

We were able to loan Enstor two of the correct SFPs they’d need to get their network up and running, and a plan was put in place to purchase the correct SFPs at a later date. By 2pm that afternoon the job was done. 

All in all, with all hands on deck, it took less than 24 hours to complete the move.

The end result: Cost savings, reliability and newfound efficiency

Enstor reported a significant cost saving immediately after joining us. The TRG solution actually came in at a much lower price than the company’s previous service provision at its Houston headquarters – and that wasn’t the only benefit. 

Enstor quickly began to enjoy a much more reliable internet service. Those unexpected power outages soon became a distant memory. 

A reduced cable density within racks meant more efficient cooling. The team also found themselves with a newfound freedom to add additional equipment, thanks to the decluttering process that saw us remove huge amounts of unnecessary cabling. 

The entire Enstor team was completely satisfied with the results. In fact, the move went so well that the company is now considering leasing office space at TRG to use as its primary operations center.

Onsite generators and a raised foundation make TRG the perfect strategic location for operations centers, and our in-built security features provide all the peace of mind customers need. If you’d like to find out more about what we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.