How Can Remote Hands Increase Efficiency?

Remote hands might sound like some sort of sci-fi wizardry, but cutting edge data centers are now bringing the magic of this entirely remote service to their customers. The service enables teams to manage all kinds of tasks remotely, making life easier for the businesses that use them. 

With remote hands, teams can hand over all kinds of tasks to their data center, freeing up much-needed time and ensuring reliability for all manner of complex processes. Read on to find out more about what remote hands is, and learn how it could increase efficiency for your business. 

What does remote hands mean? 

If you’ve ever used a data center, you may well have heard terms like remote hands, in relation to the services being offered. And while these services are widely talked about amongst data center teams and IT professionals, outside of these circles understanding of what remote hands is, and what it really means, remains relatively low. So, don’t be alarmed if you’re not well versed in the terminology, because we’re here to reveal all! 

Remote hands refers to a type of service that data centers provide. It’s a service which is designed to make life easier for customers, by facilitating delegation and making it easier for teams to delegate tasks as and when required. 

Using remote hands, in-house teams can hand over control of a range of technical tasks to their data center partners, thus quickly freeing up time that they need to focus on other, more business-critical processes. It’s also useful because it means in-house IT teams have the power to hand over tasks to those who are specifically qualified to deal with them; those who have years of experience of working in data centers backing them up. 

The range of tasks that can be managed via remote hands is vast. Most data centers will provide their customers with a range of options as to what can and cannot be managed in this way, along with detailed information on how to use the service effectively. As a starting point, remote hands can be used to check the status of different equipment, install new equipment and replace drives. 

What are the benefits of remote hands? 

The benefits of remote hands services are numerous. Whether you’re looking for a convenient option that allows you to manage your time better, or you’re on the hunt for a new way of working more efficiently with your data center partners, remote hands could be just the thing you need. 

Take a look at some of the key advantages of remote hands services below to see how remote hands could help support your company’s ambitious plans. 


Remote hands helps to save companies money, and what business isn’t on the lookout for new ways of cutting costs without reducing service quality? 

When you use remote hands, you immediately gain access to a team of dedicated and experienced troubleshooters, who are on hand to assist with jobs of any size or complexity. Not only is this brilliant in terms of time-saving, it’s also a very cost-effective way of managing IT systems. 

Data center teams have the knowledge and experience they need to resolve issues with no fuss, and can therefore turn a time-consuming task for an in-house IT professional into one that’s far quicker and simpler. 

System outages and downtime are hugely costly for any company, and remote hands also helps to limit problems like these. When remote hands is used, issues are picked up and dealt with faster. This reduces the danger of such problems snowballing into far more complex and time-consuming ones. 


Visiting a data center facility takes a considerable amount of time out of the working day, so it’s not always the most convenient option for busy IT professionals. 

Remote hands enables teams to limit the number of data center visits that teams need to make, by offering a fully remote option which fulfils all the requirements that routine visits would have. 

Jobs like checking equipment and installing upgrades can be managed without an IT professional ever having to step away from their own desk, and travel time is eliminated. It’s an incredibly convenient option, particularly when you consider how much time is usually wasted travelling to and from data centers to manage routine tasks like these. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way that many of us work, and IT teams are of course no exception. With increasing numbers of us choosing to work from home where possible, and many more businesses offering flexible working arrangements, now’s the perfect time to start considering the full capabilities of remote working for your team. 

Remote hands is just one example of a service that makes tasks that were once always done in person entirely possible to do remotely. With remote hands, teams no longer need to journey to their data center to do what they need to. It’s now just a case of sending a message to a data center professional to inform them of an issue that needs addressing, and then moving on to the next job. So, teams can continue working flexibly as much as they wish – and remain protected from the threat of Covid-19 at the same time

Our Remote Hands Service

At TRG data centers, we offer a complete remote hands service to all our customers. And the best part is, our non-emergency, non-SLA’d “best Effort” remote hands-on tier is provided completely free of charge. 

In addition, we offer a paged SLA’d emergency ticket queue, available at $250 per hour, and billed in 15-minute increments. We’ve recorded zero emergency tickets over the past 12 months, and only three tickets since the opening of our facility. It’s all down to the unique design of our service. 

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our full guide to remote hands, from what it is, to why we offer it.

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