The Difference

We Understand AI Colocation

AI is taking off and demand for data center space growing too, selecting a data center that can support your needs reliably is crucial. Our technicians are specialised in ultra high efficiency, high-density racks and can take care of setup and management for you. We can provide air cooled, immersion or direct to chip cooling with multiple power options (N, 2N, 3N/2, and 4N/3) and 13+ carriers on site.

Aaron Gipson @ PiKNiK

"The Colo+ service that they offer gave us an amazing way to leverage having a full data center, a team to support it, without having the people here... really PiKNiK is looking to be a leader.. and TRG is enabling us to get there"

Our Houston Data Center

Strategically located close to the energy corridor, yet outside the 500-year floor plain & mitigating for hurricane wind speeds. Less can be said for facilities downtown. Our top-notch facilities, rigorous organizational practices, and exceptional customer service delivers hassle-free operations that are backed by our management team’s 20-year 100% uptime track record. Enjoy our commitment to excellence.


Sq ft standalone facility


Expansion, pre-leasing 2025


Redundant Design


Onsite Carriers