Colo+ is a fully managed colocation offering.

An evolution in the data center experience. No more checklists. No more shopping lists. No more trips to the data center. No more migration headaches. Send us your hardware and rest easy, or we will come pick it up.

We build the best data center experiences and we’re never going to stop.

We include free remote hands-on in every colocation plan at no extra charge. With our Colo+ plan, we handle your migration and equipment, so you’ll never have to manage your gear again.

Full-Service Migration & Lifetime Maintenance

We’ve been successfully delivering full-service colocation for multiple years with no incidents. As part of Colo+ we offer full-service data center migrations. Send us your gear of we’ll come pick it up. We cover everything: migrations, racking, cabling, DCIM/PDUs & infinite remote hands on for lifetime maintenance from day 1 to 1,000.

Our Skilled Move Team

The TRG Colo+ Moving Team has been specializing in migrations for the last two years. We are the top data center services team in Houston consisting of data center electricians and data center technicians. We run on 24-hour rotating shift-based relief to avoid burnout when doing longer and more elaborate equipment moves.

Our Move Process:

  1. Pickup & Pack
  2. Transport
  3. Re-Rack Equipment

This is why we do what we do.

Full-Service Migration Process
Full-Service Migration Process

1. Pick Up & Pack

We travel to your current data center or on-prem location and safely pack up your hardware for transportation.

  • Two-hands on every piece of equipment as a rule
  • 3-inch-thick anti-static vibration isolating pick & pack foam
  • Double-wall thick cardboard boxes
  • Hardware is individually packed & isolated for secure travel

2. Transport

  • Fully insured air ride truck for a smooth trip
  • Professional licensed driver
  • Two-vehicle escort

3. Re-Racking

Once at TRG we carefully unload, unpack and rack your cabinet.

  • Pre-constructed and pre-tested cabinets
  • Universal rail systems within cabinets
  • Custom sized power cables and sleeve inserts that require 30 pounds of force to remove
  • Setup performed by large team with a rotating shift to prevent fatigue

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  • We Buy Everything

    We provide everything it takes to build your cabinet from cables to rack nuts, you only buy the hardware.

  • Infinite Remote Hands-on

    24/7/365 assistance from our certified team.

  • Full-Service Migration

    Mail us your gear and we will get it online, or we will come pick it up.

  • Cabling and Labeling

    Our innovative cable technology allows for clean and organized cabling from day 1 to 1,000.

  • Rack and Stack

    Our qualified technicians assemble your cabinets.


    Locked and secured plugs eliminate unnecessary errors.

Shopping List


1. Colo+ Contract
2. Hardware

Traditional Colocation

1. Network Contract
2. Data Center Contract
3. Hardware
4. PDUs
5. Label Maker
6. Tool Box
7. Network Cables
8. Power Cables
9. Zip ties
10. Rack(s)
11. Rails
12. Rack Shelves
13. KVM
14. Blanking Panels
15. Cooling
16. Cable Management
17. Cage Nuts and Screws

Optional in larger migrations:

18. Truck Rental
19. Packing Supplies

Eliminates the distraction of rack and stack and random trips to the data center for your IT team

Easy to justify (only 2.5% cost increase of your IT budget, along with a 50% cost savings vs the cloud)

Easily Scalable as your needs grow or shrink

Cabling, rack and remote activities are a big problem for administrators. With Colo+ we save money and time.

Valued Customer

Sign up for Colo+ now and never lift a finger again.

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