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Colo+ is a premium, fully managed offering that covers all physical aspects related to your owned IT infrastructure.

Key Insights

  • Physical infrastructure cabling represents variations in work process for IT teams that create mistakes and inefficiencies
  • Eliminates the distraction of rack and stack and random trips to the data center for your IT team
  • A 2.5% increase in your total infrastructure cost for Colo+ gives you the same benefits of cloud, along with a 50% cost savings versus the cloud

“Last mile delivery” for cloud-like devices such as HCI to give you a true cloud like experience.

Cloud Benefits

  • Scalable
  • Easy- no rack and stack needed
  • Fast
  • Low friction transactions

Cloud Disadvantages

  • Expensive- difficult to justify
  • Lack of control
  • Security concerns
  • Historical Reliability and QOS Issues

Mail us your gear and we will get it online, or, we will come pick it up.

Colo+ product features:

  • Migrations
  • Rack and stack
  • Cabling and labeling
  • Infinite remote hands on