Our Approach

TRG selectively chooses the best and most unique datacenter opportunities to offer our clients. As a boutique colocation firm, we choose to take on a limited client set that focuses on quality deployments rather than quantity. The result is that our customers get a true executive high touch experience through scoping, delivery, and ongoing operations.


Quality Not Quantity

Out of thousands of options throughout the US, we strategically chose this site for its unique economic and operational advantages that we can bring to bear for the Houston market. While you can find many datacenters everywhere, you wont find a better datacenter anywhere.


Balanced Approach

While datacenters will always need precise design, the next generation of IT demands additional perspective that recognizes the value of complex systems thinking, cross disciplinary collaboration, and an understanding of economic/environmental impact. This awareness enables our team to consider “the complete picture” of clients needs.



We don’t “sell” datacenter space. TRG works with you to deploy the right space at the right price. Too many datacenter providers force customers into overcommitting to cage space with overpriced power circuits. As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on custom deployments and unique pricing models/contracts.



Having our executive team engaged with individual clients allows us to listen to your needs and refine our approach. Through partnering with a diverse client base to include healthcare organizations, web companies, and SMB's in past deployments, we have improved our design to include many fine points that most colocation organizations are not even aware of.

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