TRG Datacenters Announces Expansion

Datacenter expansion plan
Datacenter expansion plan

Houston, Texas, December 24th— TRG Datacenters is beginning construction on Phase 2 of their Spring, TX data center. This expansion will allow for an additional 10,000 square feet of useable DC space. This new development allows their data center to now have a 2.25 Megawatt fault tolerant load, expanding to 10 Megawatts once the total campus of 10 acres is built.

“We will be using a bi-fuel option for backup power in our latest expansion,” says CTO Chris Hinkle. This notable design variation for the next expansion allows for up to 15-20+ days of generator usage without any type of refueling. This is made possible by combining the use of both natural gas and diesel fuel or diesel exclusively, providing maximum flexibility. Bringing in multiple fuel supplies for backup power will solve for the range anxiety Houston suffers from and position TRG as the only datacenter in Houston providing these capabilities for clients that require extreme levels of reliability.

During 2020, TRG had significant revenue growth, thanks to their strong position as a fault tolerant facility and their unique service Colo+, a fully managed colocation offering that includes unlimited remote hands on, physical migrations, and world-best cabling and labeling.

TRG has continued to build on this success, becoming the highest rated and most reviewed data center in Houston within just two years of opening.

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