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The Un-Datacenter?

Our customers have been our best advocates in helping us find our identity. They sang our praises about how easy we are to work with. Through partnerships and their help, we helped define our IT Scorecard: Easy. Fast. Reliable. which is our three point system in how we evaluate technology and services.

As we built the identity of Easy. Fast. Reliable. we still struggled with the fact that at the end of the day we were “TRG Datacenters”. The word “datacenter” itself can invoke bad memories of other providers who do not follow our service model. We are aligning our entire supply chain and ecosystem to build solutions that are comprehensively Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Free cross connects and free remote hands on fundamentally chnaged how we interact with our clients, and is creating new products that are fundamentally changing how you interact with your IT.

The experience we provide, and ultimately our product offering is so markedly different from our competitors that we could no longer comfortably identify with them.

We wanted to set out to show the world we are everything the traditional datacenter is not, and more. We give a colocation experience that is Easy Fast AND Reliable, one that has outgrown the datacenter category. Thus The Un-datacenter is born.

  • Long sales cycle- takes large amounts of time to get a quote, pricing, tours, and decisions made
  • Multiple contracts- must set up contracts not only with the datacenter, but also with your network provider and any engineers you have to pay to come on site
  • Too much planning- have to plan out migration and connections far in advance and make sure they align correctly
  • Spend time researching and buying hardware- your IT team’s time is wasted researching and buying hardware when they could be focusing on your company
  • Takes long to migrate- migration is a pain, hauling your equipment, usually on weekends and after hours
  • Customer service is non-existent- They forget who pays the bills, you.
  • Still have to rack & stack- At the end of the day once you’re all migrated you still have to spend countless hours, days, sometimes weeks to months setting up.
  • Waste of time for you and your IT team- you still have to travel back and forth to the datacenter to manage your equipment through your contract lifetime

They are only good at keeping the lights on, nothing else.

It’s time to get out of the datacenter.

We are the last mile delivery making your hybrid cloud strategy a reality.