What is The Un-datacenter?

  1. It is a mindset

    The Data Center is a 30-year-old model, that is ancient in tech years. We remain focused on challenging legacy mindsets to focus on building a whole new experience for our customers.

    We owe the world more than solving 15% of customers problems with regards to physical infrastructure. By solving 100% of customers’ problems we position ourselves for long term success. This requires focus and discipline, and approaching the market with an offensive growth mindset, not a legacy defensive mindset.

  2. It is a focus on what matters

    Reliability should be a given, yet typical datacenters, even with massive infrastructure investments, remain unreliable. 70% of outages are due to human error. Beyond this, reliability is only half of the picture. The experience and delivery model remain a portion completely unaddressed by most data centers, treating IT as real estate instead of a living, breathing service model.

    Our team members are very important people to us, delivering memorable data center experiences that both surprise and delight.

  3. It is a delivery model

    By Un-datacentering many legacy assumptions, and focusing on what matters, we have created unique solutions that are changing how our customers interact with their IT.

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