The Difference

We Understand GPU Racks

GPUs in data centers are taking off with AI and other use cases, and managing it all is new and can be daunting. Our technicians are specialised in high-density GPU racks and can take care of setup and management for you. In addition, our 12-foot hot air return plenum provides unique reliability for ultra-high density loads unlike water coolers that can be a single point of failure.

Aaron Gipson @ PiKNiK

"The Colo+ service that they offer gave us an amazing way to leverage having a full data center, a team to support it, without having the people here... really PiKNiK is looking to be a leader.. and TRG is enabling us to get there"

Our Houston Data Center

Strategically located close to the energy corridor, yet outside the 500-year floor plain & mitigating for hurricane wind speeds. Less can be said for facilities downtown. Our top-notch facilities, rigorous organizational practices, and exceptional customer service delivers hassle-free operations that are backed by our management team’s 20-year 100% uptime track record. Enjoy our commitment to excellence.


Sq ft standalone facility




Redundant Design


Onsite Carriers