TRG is Here to Change the Datacenter Industry


Instead of asking “what do you need out of a datacenter?” we need to ask, “what should the perfect datacenter experience look like to you?”


There is a fundamental shift going on in the datacenter industry. Typical datacenters are failing to meet the needs and expectations of their clients. The word “datacenter” itself can invoke bad memories of other providers who do not follow the TRG service model of Easy. Fast. Reliable.


The Uptime Institute says that 70% of outages are caused by human error. If it is the people, not the infrastructure, that cause mistakes shouldn’t datacenters be looking at their staff first to fix problems? We looked internally and reworked both our training and service model to offer the best colocation experience possible. Focusing on our internal models helped us revolutionize how we interact with our clients and ultimately is creating new products that are fundamentally changing how they interact with their IT.


“The secret formula isn’t the datacenter, it’s the people who work within it.”- Chris Hinkle, CTO of TRG


We still struggled with the fact that at the end of the day we were “TRG Datacenters”. The experience we provide, and ultimately our product offering is so markedly different from our competitors that we could no longer comfortably identify with them. We wanted to set out to show the world we are everything the traditional datacenter is not, and more. We give a colocation experience that is Easy Fast AND Reliable, one that has outgrown the datacenter category.


The Un-datacenter is the future.

TRG offers data centers in Atlanta, Louisiana and Houston – take a look at the linked pages to find out more.


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