We believe the future of data centers lies within Moving from Grid-Supported, to Grid-Supporting.

Power grid challenges caused by the recent Texas Winter Storm have shown us something we’ve been thinking about for a while; that disaster events like these can be better avoided by having a data center design that is centered around supporting the power grid and transferring to more green energy. So that’s what we’ve done with our new Grid-Supporting Data Center Design.

Supporting Our Local Power Grid

It’s time for us to take the environmental impact of computes seriously. By allowing us to utilize multiple types of fuel for generation, our new design is moving beyond traditional diesel. With this comes the possibility of a new position for data centers. Instead of being supported by power from the grid, they can now be designed to provide support for the grid, which will unlock additional capabilities for green energy.

Utilizing different generation methodologies allows for us to change how we think about our relationship with the grid. Instead of designing data centers to be supported by the grid, we are now designing data centers to have a place supporting the grid. Thereby contributing to the stability of the local community.

– Jeff Hinkle, CEO of TRG Datacenters

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