Introducing Houston One

Just 15 miles from IAH Airport, 1.5 Miles West of 45, 2 Miles South of the Grand Parkway, 3.5 miles south of the Woodlands, 22 Miles from Downtown Houston, and 30 Miles from the Katy/West Houston Energy corridor, the TRG Datacenter location is ideal for production and disaster recovery colocation needs for the Houston market.

This modular spec built facility is truly a model for datacenter excellence. As an example, our robust design includes flexible Tier II/Tier IV deployments and 185MPH wind load resistance. The location was chosen for its ideal characteristics from a risk perspective, such as being outside of the 500 year floodplain, >1 mile from any major highway thoroughfare, >1.5 miles from any rail lines, not in any major commercial flight paths, not near any pipelines or hazardous material storage, and 65 miles inland from the coast.

185 MPH Wind Load Rating
Highly secured, 24/7 Electronic and Physical Security
Up to 100% free cooling during parts of the year
Tier II-Tier IV spaces, spec builds available sizes
125,000 sq ft of datacenter
25 MW Utility power

Deployment Sizes

This deployment is well suited for wholesale clients who have requirements of 2000-125,000+ sq ft spec private suites. Ask us to perform a free audit of your deployment and roadmap to make sure you are right sized.

Power and Cooling

Flexibly designed, we can provision clients with space ranging in reliability from a Tier II scaling to a Tier IV deployment. With full hot aisle containment, we are able to provide extremely high densities where requested.

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